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Commercial Property

AK Law are specialists in Commercial Property and can assist you with your Aquisitions and Disposals, Landlord or Tenant Management, Lettings, or Real Estate Management. Please see further information below on our areas of specialty and please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to find out more about the services that we offer.

Acquisitions and Disposals

At AK Law we have extensive experience in dealing with the acquisition and disposals of freehold and leasehold properties, either singularly or as part of a larger portfolio, with vacant possession or subject to occupational leases.

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Landlord and Tenant Management

As a landlord you are likely to receive various applications and requests from your tenants, either wishing to dispose of their leases to a third party; requests for permission to carry out works to the property; requests for new or extended leases; or variations to existing leases. The decisions you make regarding such requests have legal implications and can also affect the value of your asset.

As a tenant, there are various restrictions and obligatins affecting the way you occupy and trade from your property, and also the basis on which you can dispose of or renew your lease.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we have the experience to advise you and guide you on the many issues that can arise between a landlord and a tenant.

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If you are an investor looking to let your property for an income, the form of lease you grant, or that is in existence when you acquire your asset, can have a significant effect on the overall value of your asset, and affect the future rental income from that asset.

If you are a tenant acquiring an existing lease, or acquiring a new lease, you need to ensure the lease allows you to occupy and trade from the property in accordance with your business needs.

Whether a landlord or a tenant we can advise you on the way to achieve your objectives.

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Real Estate Finance

AK Law is highly experienced with the legal issues revolving around raising finance on, or refinancing commercial property, and the requirements of lenders and the form of security they require.

Often, timing is essential and we have the necessary expertise to guide you through the process in the timescales required.

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